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Open Thread: Game 102 - A's vs. Jays

Dallas Braden takes the mound tonight, hoping the rival Jays will bring him back to his earlier season form. The good news? Braden has pitched marvelously against the Jays in two outings this year. The bad news? He lost both games because the A's offense was shut out. Tonight's lineup will look a little different, missing the red-hot Orlando Cabrera (bye O-Cab!). The A's will be facing Scott Richmond, who has just returned from the DL. Here's hoping he's just a bit rusty; the A's already beat him once this year.


Toronto Blue Jays @ Oakland Athletics

07/31/09 7:05 PM PDT

Toronto Blue Jays Oakland Athletics
Marco Scutaro - SS Adam Kennedy - 3B
Aaron Hill - 2B Rajai Davis - CF
Adam Lind - DH Kurt Suzuki - C
Kevin Millar - 1B Jack Cust - DH
Vernon Wells - CF Ryan Sweeney - RF
Alex Rios - RF Tommy Everidge - 1B
Jose Bautista - LF Eric Patterson - LF
Rod Barajas - C Mark Ellis - 2B
John McDonald - 3B Cliff Pennington - SS

Introducing your new 2009 starting shortstop, Cliff Pennington!