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Orlando Cabrera Traded; John Sickels Report on Tyler Ladendorf

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I love the fact that the A's have been active and the funny thing is that this team seems to be playing with more zest than they have all year long.  Youth is served?  Regardless, the A's have traded Orlando Cabrera for minor league shortstop Tyler Ladendorf.  This was inevitable with the A's out of it this year and the A's not getting anything when Cabrera leaves after the season.  But what did the A's get in return?

They get shortstop Tyler Ladendorf.  And outside of a really cool first name and the nickname "Dorf on Golf" (you KNOW that's happened in clubhouses wherever he's been), what does Minor League Ball's John Sickels think of Ladendorf?  Well, here is what Sickels wrote in his Baseball Prospect book 2009:

Tyler Ladendorf was junior college superstar at Howard JC in Texas in '07 and '08, showing tremendous speed, developing power and reasonable defense at shortstop despite a mediocre arm.  The Twins drafted him in the second round last June, and bought him away from a University of Oklahoma commitment.  Assigned to rookie ball, he didn't show nearly the same kind of hitting ability he showed at the JC level.  His plate discipline was OK and he swiped six bases in six attempts, but he had no power.  It is too early to give up, but Ladendorf obviously has a lot of work to do to live up to his $673,000 bonus and put his tools to work on the field.  Grade C

Sickels wrote this well in advance of the 2009 season.  Ladendorf has had a mixed season so far in the minors and he's probably a bit of a longer term project even though he's 21 years old.  The good news is that the A's got something for a guy who was leaving and they wouldn't get anything for.  Cabrera is someone who I think wore the green and gold well unlike Matt Holliday, who just seemed disinterested in being in Oakland and had the look of a short-timer from day one and played like it.  Best of luck to O-Cab.  And the Cliff Pennington era starts now.  Time to see what the A's have all over the field.