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A's Chooed Up And Spit Out, Fugly Style

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Perhaps the best motto for tonight's game would be: "If at first you don't fail, try try again." Because back when the game was close, the A's needed to choke like the Doublemint twins on an oversized piece of gum in order for the game to get out of hand.

The A's actually led 2-0 once upon a time, and had a 2-1 edge in the 3rd when Bobby Crosby betrayed Trevor Cahill throwing away a routine ground ball to start the inning. Yet the A's still held the lead 2-1, with the bases loaded and two out, when Cahill coaxed a weak bouncer to third from Jhonny Peralta. Crosby threw that one away too, the Indians scored twice, tallied another in the inning, and took a 4-2 lead.

Even when a 4-spot in the 4th chased Cahill and made it 8-3 Indians, the A's had a shot. Cleveland saw to it. Peralta threw away Crosby's grounder to start the inning and so Adam Kennedy, dutiful Athletic, made his best attempt to bounce into a DP. Luis Valbueno (low shovel to second) and Asdrubal Cabrera (oops, me no catchy) managed not to get any outs and the A's had two on, nobody out, and the heart of the order some other hitters coming up. That's when the other Doublemint twin, Orlando Cabrera, vowed to hit into that DP, damn it, and showing impressive efficiency did it on the first pitch with a tailor-made two-hopper to SS.

Meanwhile, Cahill, Casilla, Breslow, and Springer combined to allow RFer Shin-Soo Choo to post the old 5 4 4 7 line in the box score. That's the result of an RBI single, a 3-run HR, a 2-run double, and a solo HR. Had Choo decided not to touch home plate after the solo HR, he would have had the cycle, but unlike Eric Byrnes he found home plate and unlike Miguel Tejada he chose to go there. No cycle for you!

One final complaint: Trevor Cahill was squeezed many times in his 3.2 IP and I just want to inform all the umpires that it's the same strike zone for rookies and veterans. Obviously, in a 15-3 game this wasn't "the difference" between winning and losing, but Cahill deserved better tonight, both from his defense and from the home plate umpire.

Other than all that, though, I thought tonight's game was just ducky.