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Open Thread: Game 100 - A's at Red Sox

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A day after the A's staged a ninth-inning comeback against Jonathan Papelbon to even the four-game series at a game apiece, they will try their hand at Brad Penny. Penny has faced the A's exactly once; and was awesome--7 innings of one run baseball with 7 K's. The newly awesome Brett Anderson will be matched up against Penny; he will be looking for some run support.

Anderson was quoted after his last start (a tough loss). This should be made into a T-shirt for the A's starting rotation this year:

Though Anderson took the loss in the game, he said afterward that he believed his line was not indicative of how well he pitched.


AN will be pleased to know that everyone's favorite rookie, Tommy Everidge, has been moved up to sixth in the batting order, and if you squint and look upside down, you will hardly notice that Sweeney, Ellis, Davis, and Patterson are around him. Oh who am I kidding, I HEART Rajai! In Hairston's absense, Suzuki will be batting third, and Cust DHing. In fact, out of the choices avaliable, I think this lineup works. Now let's see if it can score runs.


Oakland Athletics @ Boston Red Sox

07/29/09 4:10 PM PDT

Oakland Athletics Boston Red Sox
Adam Kennedy - 3B Jacoby Ellsbury - CF
Orlando Cabrera - SS Dustin Pedroia - 2B
Kurt Suzuki - C Kevin Youkilis - 3B
Jack Cust - DH Jason Bay - LF
Ryan Sweeney - RF Mike Lowell - DH
Tommy Everidge - 1B Rocco Baldelli - RF
Mark Ellis - 2B Adam LaRoche - 1B
Rajai Davis - CF Jason Varitek - C
Eric Patterson - LF Jed Lowrie - SS

Let's go OAK-LAND!