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How Much Might He Actually Be Wuerth?

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All the reasons I'd like to see the A's keep Michael Wuertz -- he's under contract through 2011, he provides true depth in the bullpen, he's a very solid reliever with exceptional strikeout numbers -- is also why teams may be considering offering the A's a lot for a player at a position most associated with the term "fungible."

If Rotoworld is to be believed, not only are the Angels "pushing hard for Wuertz," but now the Braves have expressed interest, suggesting that the price for Wuertz might not be "an offer" but rather "the best offer." The A's, for all their wheeling and dealing, and long list of promising prospects in the minors right now, still have plenty of needs. Grant Green is neither signed nor close to seeing a big league field and it would be a bit loco to suggest the A's don't need a good young SS if they can land one.

In my opinion, CF has also not been fully addressed, in that the ideal CFer has plus speed, covers left-center to right-center like an athletic gerbil on crack, presents a SB threat -- basically more Andrew McCutchen than Ryan Sweeney. I guess I'm saying at least closer to Mike Cameron than Kirk Cameron.

The A's have some potential CFers in the pipeline, but none is considered to be a great bet to make it in the major leagues and the problem with the current applicants is that they either play defense like corner OFers, hit like 4th OFers, or they hit like Eric Patterson and play defense like Eric Patterson.

So back to Wuertz. I hope the A's won't move him just to get a shiny prospect that gives Oakland more minor league depth, but if the opportunity comes along to get "more than you should get for a short reliever" and specifically if the opportutnity is there to use a bidding war to address a clear need, then God bless the trading deadline and teams desperate for an edge.

If the Angels and Braves make a real push for Wuertz, and if maybe another team or two might jump in trying to outbid, what do you think the best offer might be that the A's get for this fungible dude with all the strickouts?