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Open Thread: Game 97 - A's at Yankees

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Aiming for a split in the series Oakland sends its warrior, Dallas Braden, to the mound against Sergio Mitre, who is the Yanks' choice to fill in for injured Chien-Ming Wang because Phil Hughes has discovered dominance in the bullpen. Last time the A's played a getaway game in the Bronx, the game went 14 innings before the A's ran out of gas ran out Giese.

With a RHP on the mound, the A's are back to the Barton/Patterson lineup most fans want to see as Oakland tries to use the second half of the 2009 season to find out what they have.


Oakland Athletics @ New York Yankees

07/26/09 10:05 AM PDT

Oakland Athletics New York Yankees
Adam Kennedy - 3B Derek Jeter - SS
Orlando Cabrera - SS Johnny Damon - LF
Scott Hairston - LF Mark Teixeira - 1B
Jack Cust - DH Jorge Posada - C
Kurt Suzuki - C Hideki Matsui - DH
Ryan Sweeney - RF Nick Swisher - RF
Daric Barton - 1B Robinson Cano - 2B
Mark Ellis - 2B Melky Cabrera - CF
Eric Patterson - CF Cody Ransom - 3B