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A's Offense Can't Solve Chamberlain; Lose 8-3

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Well, it looks like taking Holliday out of the lineup did not, in fact, improve the A’s offense. (In case anyone cares, he has 3 hits and a stolen base in his Cardinals’ debut so far.) The extent of tonight’s offense was this: Orlando Cabrera doubled in the first inning and stole third; doing everything he could to put the A’s on the board. Hairston obliged with the sacrifice fly and the A’s had the early 1-0 lead. That would be the only run they would score against Chamberlain. They would pick up two garbage runs in the ninth on a double by Suzuki and a wild pitch, ultimately losing the game 8-3.

Anderson started the game in the most promising of ways; he struck out the side in the first. He breezed through the second inning as well, but ran into trouble in the third. After Cano singled to start the inning, Swisher popped up, and Melky Cabrera doubled to put runners at second and third. Jeter singed in the tying run and Damon knocked the second run in on a ground out, putting the Yankees ahead 2-1.



Anderson had no trouble at all in the fourth inning, and the A’s best scoring chance followed soon after. With one out in the fifth, Sweeney and Barton both reached on walks and were advanced to second and third on a wild pitch. The A’s had a chance to at least tie the game, but both Mark Ellis and Eric Patterson struck out to end the threat. The A’s would put two more runners on in the eighth down 4-1, but were unable to score. By the time the runs came in the ninth, the game was over.

Anderson pitched into the seventh, allowing two more runs (giving him 4ER total), but I thought he looked fairly sharp and pitched much better than his line will show. He was the victim of a hitters’ park, a great opposing lineup, and some defensive miscues; Hairston lost a ball in the lights. Springer followed Anderson to get out of the seventh, but the blowup belonged to Breslow and Casilla, who allowed four more runs to score in their inning.

All in all, it was a boring loss. There isn’t much else to say.

I do have one last question. I know he does it all the time, but how in the world can a major leaguer in an 8-1 game, stand at the plate and take a thigh-high fastball right down the center of the plate? Jack Cust needs to swing the bat.

We do it again tomorrow; 10:00AM! I bet you can’t wait.