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Holliday To St. Louis, "Wallace Plus" To Oakland (cont.)

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Seems like it's time for a new thread. Some thoughts, summarizing bits of the conversation from the earlier threads...

* Put me in the group of fans not worried about a prospect logjam. The fact that you often need two really good prospects at any position to end up with one, combined with the uncertain destinations of Wallace (3B, 1B), Doolittle (1B, RF), Carter (1B, DH), Cardenas (3B, 2B), and Weeks (2B, CF?), means that at best the A's will actually have good players at several key positions and at worst they will have a good player, and nowhere to play him -- and teams lined up to acquire him.

* I'm also concerned about Barton's future at 1B on this particular team, given his very moderate power/slugging even if he succeeds. I'm not one to worry, overly, about how much power or slugging you're "supposed to get" at a given position. But let's face it: Prior to the Wallace acquisition, now and for next seaosn the A's didn't have any even 20HR players on the infield. Put Chase Utley at 2B or Hanley Ramirez at 3B, and Barton -- hitting around .300 with excellent defense -- looks great at 1B. But your team has to get power somewhere, and if it's not going to be in the middle infield, or really the corner OF for the foreseeable future, then you need to have some slugging at the infield corners. And Wallace could give Oakland that at one of the corners, while Doolittle and Carter will still have a place to play -- be it RF and DH, or maybe one of the at 1B if Wallace can stick at 3B.

Anyway, maybe it's time to focus on the A's other two acquisitions. It's interesting to hear how high the A's are on the lowest pick, by far, in the group: Shane Peterson. Could he be a "Mark Ellis" type of hidden treasure? Today is a day of optimism for the nearish future, so let's go with "Yes he will!"