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AN Day VI - The Update And Tailgate Information

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A big thank you to everyone who has purchased tickets for the upcoming event! We have met the minimum of 25, so our event is official! We can add to this number, so if you would like to go to AN Day, please buy a ticket and come! I'll start the rumors about special guests; there is a wild one that...BLEZ...might be in attendance!

AN Day will be held on Saturday, August 22 at 6:05 PM, fireworks night! I want everyone to be able to come, so we are selling the tickets for $20 each at the group discount. To order yours, simply PayPal me at baseballgirl1976 at hotmail dot com with your ticket money and your AN username. I sent confirmations today, so if you purchased a ticket, you should have an email from me!

The deadline for tickets will be the end of the month, Friday, July 31st at noon PST. Get yours now!

We are going to hold an AN Tailgate in the parking lot before the game, so the first need I have is a grill (or two). Would anyone be willing to bring their grill to the event? I have received quite a few notes from people who are bringing a certain dish to the tailgate, which is perfect! Keep me posted!

I also need to hear from people who will not be buying tickets with the group, but are coming to the tailgate. Let me know that you are attending!

If you are on the fence, please come! It will be fun. We had a special guest drop by last year, and it is always so great to meet the faces of AN.