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Open Thread: Game 92 - A's vs. Twins

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Last night is going to be one of those "where were you?" things. I confess I went on to watch other things when they gave up 12 runs in the first three innings, but I kept tabs by checking the boxscore online. I flipped back just in time to see the big bombs that capped off the turnaround.

The aftermath of last night's debacle-turned-miracle is still hard to believe. I mean, when was the last time the Oakland A's came back from being down double-digits to win the game? What's that? Never, you say? Oh, right.

What makes it even harder to swallow if you're the Twins or their fans is the way the game ended. It wasn't just the 7-run 7th capped off by a Matt Holliday grand slam and a solo shot by Jack Cust, it was on what was honestly one of the worst calls you'll ever see when Michael Cuddyer clearly slid across the plate ahead of the tag by Michael Wuertz. However, ump Mike Muchlinski (gee, that's a lot of Mikes) somehow saw it that he was out, proving the belief that it often doesn't matter if you actually made the tag in time as long as the ball got to you well before the runner. It could be he just wanted to go back to his hotel, too. We may never find out the truth.

Whatever. I know we'd be up in arms about it if it happened to us, but look at it this way: when was the last time the A's even HAD a 10-run lead they could waste? Anyone? Bueller? (5/12/09 against Kansas City, which they came nowhere close to losing, thankyouverymuch) Anyway, sorry Minnesota, but we're keeping this one. It's ours and you can't have it. Nyah.

Tonight is a new game and let's be honest: does anyone here expect another 27 runs on 39 hits with 8 homers? I didn't think so. We've got Dallas Braden taking the mound for the A's, coming off his worst start of the season against the Angels (6 R in 5 IP, the same as an earlier start in Detroit). Overall? To have that as your worst start is not bad. It's definitely something Gio Gonzalez would be happy to be able to say right now.

Braden will be opposed by Anthony Swarzak. He faced the A's in the Coliseum on June 8, going 3.2 innings and allowing 3 runs (no decision) in a 4-3 loss that was the shortest of his 6 starts this season. It was also the one where he beaned Aaron Cunningham in the head. At least that won't be repeated.


Minnesota Twins @ Oakland Athletics

07/21/09 7:05 PM PDT

Minnesota Twins Oakland Athletics
Carlos Gomez - CF Adam Kennedy - 3B
Joe Mauer - C Orlando Cabrera - SS
Justin Morneau - 1B Scott Hairston - CF
Michael Cuddyer - RF Matt Holliday - LF
Jason Kubel - DH Jack Cust - DH
Joe Crede - 3B Kurt Suzuki - C
Delmon Young - LF Daric Barton - 1B
Nick Punto - SS Ryan Sweeney - RF
Alexi Casilla - 2B Mark Ellis - 2B