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Memo To Brett Anderson: Even Perfection Would Only Get You A Fricking Tie

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Brett Anderson retired the first 20 batters he faced, and at that point the game was tied. He left after 8 innings of 2 hit shutout mastery, and at that point the game was tied. It has reached the point of absurdity, where an A's starter could throw a perfect game and expect a no-decision.

Finally, in the 10th inning off of Andrew Bailey, Bobby Abreu -- the same guy who had broken up Anderson perfecto in the 7th with a single to LF -- launched a solo HR to provide the game with its only run. Oakland had 4 hits, all singles, in 10 futile innings against Lackey and Fuentes.

What made the biggest impression on me, besides Anderson's sheer magnificence? Earlier today, I watched the Giants close out a tense 4-3 win that ended just as the A's game was starting. As Brian Wilson tried to get the final strike, the cameras showed the Giants' dugout where every player was standing on the front step, rooting Wilson on and getting ready to come on the field to celebrate a win.

Flash forward to the bottom of the 9th of the A's game, with Kennedy at third base in a 0-0 game, two out and Matt Holliday batting with a chance for a walk-off hit. The cameras showed the A's dugout, where every player was sitting on his ass, just staring out at the field. It's really no wonder this A's team finds every way to lose, and can't get over the hump, as this team has no soul. None.

What it does have is some outstanding young pitching and it was on display this afternoon. Early in the year, Cahill had the better numbers but I thought Anderson was by far the superior pitcher. And as the cream rises and the sludge sinks, it is becoming clear that Cahill has a lot of work to do, Mazzaro is very raw, but Anderson is the real deal and he's ready now. He has thrown 21 consecutive scoreless innings, and if the A's can just get three hitters and one soul, they might even be good sometime soon.