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A's Stay Tied For Almost One Full Hitter, Bumble To 11-6 Loss

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"It's a beautiful day for baseball, ladies and gentlemen...Fans just settling into their seats and here's the first batter of the game, Chone Figgins...Mazzaro's pitch...Figgins swings, and the A's trail for the rest of the day."

And so it goes. A game, apparently, where you could go to the Berkeley Rep, watch Carrie Fisher talk about being a bi-polar drug addict, come home and feel like you were surrounded by more joy than if you had gone to the A's game."Wishful Drinking" is an excellent show, by the way, and I highly recommend it. Drinking, that is.

I look at the box score and I see the A's made 4 errors -- how nice. Vin Mazzaro bombed for 10 hits in 3+ IP -- that's nice. Oakland's offense with a "far too little, far too late" rally in the 9th inning of a blowout loss -- lovely. Sounds like I missed a real winner!