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Open Thread: Game 89 - A's vs. Angels

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Vin Mazzaro has a national audience to which he will throw today. Jered Weaver, slightly more accustomed to these things, brings a 10-3 record to the mound in a season where he, like the A's Dallas Braden, has stepped it up to another level in 2009.

Following an Angels' loss in which Rajai Davis stole third on a lazy lob back to the mound from catcher Jeff Mathis, and also scored from first on an errant Joe Saunders pickoff throw, you can't help but wonder how Mike Scioscia addressed his players, or perhaps the post-game spread, after the game. You also have to wonder if the pickoff error might help convince the Angels that their unique practice of having the 1Bman "sort of hold the runner, sort of not" isn't so much "unique" as it is "really dumb."

As for today's lineup? Let's just say that the A's aren't going for defense.


Los Angeles Angels @ Oakland Athletics

07/18/09 1:10 PM PDT

Los Angeles Angels Oakland Athletics
Chone Figgins - 3B Adam Kennedy - 3B
Maicer Izturis - 2B Orlando Cabrera - SS
Bobby Abreu - DH Matt Holliday - LF
Juan Rivera - LF Jack Cust - RF
Kendry Morales - 1B Kurt Suzuki - DH
Mike Napoli - C Jason Giambi - 1B
Gary Matthews - CF Ryan Sweeney - CF
Erick Aybar - SS Landon Powell - C
Reggie Willits - RF Mark Ellis - 2B


{Note: Apologies in advance. The change in starting time, from 6:05pm to 1:10pm, wreaks havoc with my non-A's life -- apparently I actually have one -- and so today's recap may be a bit late.}