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Santana Continues Dominance over A's

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I figured it would be cruel and unusual punishment to subject you to the gory details of tonight's debacle.

So let's go straight to the comment of the evening instead, courtesy of iglew (after mikev checked in from the Coliseum feeling no pain, thanks to his pal, Captain Morgan):

Did you know you can comment on Athletics Nation from your phone or PDA? SB Nation has launched mobile commenting. Check it out next time you're shitfaced in the parking lot and have something to say.

Love it.

Fine, I'll talk about the game.  It was more of the same for Ervin Santana who made himself right at home at the Coliseum.  Again.  With the exception of a booming homerun by Matt Holliday in the seventh inning- his first since June 5- Santana stifled the A's, who managed only a first-inning single by Orlando Cabrera and a sixth-inning two-bagger by Ryan Sweeney.  Even the two walks allowed by Santana were erased on double plays.

But you didn't come here to read about old news, did you?

No, you're a fun-fact kind of crowd, I can tell.  So how about a 2-run homer in the second inning by switch-hitting Kendry Morales, his 16th of the season, but his very first from the right side of the plate?

Not eyebrow-raising enough for ya?

Well, who else but against the A's can catcher Mike Napoli leg out two infield hits?

Yeah, those aren't fun at all.  Well, there was the nightly tease.  No, not Kim's money maker. The game, people.  Concentrate.  It happened in the ninth.  It always does.  Loaded the bases up for Holliday.  Deep fly to center!  Caught.  Then Nomar struck out, and Kurt grounded out, and well, damn you All-Star Break for coming right when we were starting to make some noise.

The Angels were the ones with the loud bats tonight, breaking it open with a four-run fourth against starter Dallas Braden. In all, the Halos pounded out ten hits in five innings off Pepe.

And on this night not even a slew of rally pics could save the A's.  Then again, is that really the point?