Keith Law Gives Quick Thoughts on A's Draft

I decided to drop a note to ESPN's Keith Law tonight just to get his thoughts on the A's draft. Well, at least the first two picks. We had a quick chat that he agreed to let me share with AN. It doesn't have a lot of detail, but I hope you enjoy it.

Blez: How do you think the A's did in today's draft?

Keith Law: If (Grant) Green stays at short, they did very, very well; his bat absolutely plays there, and he does have the athleticism for it. I just think he needs a lot of work there and could end up in center. (Justin) Marks threw well down the stretch but I think every fifth day he'll probably have a fringe-average fastball and no plus pitch. He did really perform this year, though.

Blez: Do you think he can get to the majors quickly?

Law: Green? Two years maybe? You have to figure out this throwing thing, and his footwork needs work.

Blez: Did you hear anything about a wrist injury that might have cut down on Green's power?

Law: No.

Blez: Any comparables for both of those guys?

Law: I'm lousy at the comparables game. They're all different to me.

Blez: OK, some have said he reminds them of Robin Yount.

Law: I remember Yount well but I was a kid when he was in his prime.

Blez: Thanks.