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Open Thread: The 2009 Draft (cont)

The A's have taken shortstop Grant Green from USC.

The top 10 are in:

1) Washington Nationals select: Stephen Strasburg
2) Seattle Mariners select: Dustin Ackley
3) San Diego Padres select: Donovan Tate
4) Pittsburgh Pirates select: Tony Sanchez
5) Baltimore Orioles select: Matt Hobgood
6) San Francisco Giants select: Zach Wheeler
7) Atlanta Braves select: Mike Minor
8) Cincinnati Reds select: Mike Leake
9) Detroit Tigers select: Jacob Turner
10) Washington Nationals select: Drew Storen

11) Colorado Rockies select: Tyler Matzek
12) Kansas City Royals select: Aaron Crowe
13) Oakland Athletics select shortstop Grant Green from USC.