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Open Thread: Game 71 - A's vs. Giants

With the breaking news of Josh Outman's DL appointment, it was a sure thing that Gio Gonzalez would be called up for tonight's start; and indeed, he was. Gio has been on the team in long-relief in 2009, but this is his first start of the year. I have absolutely no idea what to expect.

We do know what we are getting from the Giants; however. Randy Johnson will be making his second start against the A's in as many weeks, and I'm not going to remind anyone of the disastrous seventh inning that led to the eventual A's loss during his last outing. The real problem of the night (sound familiar?) was the A's inability to take advantage of Johnson and put some hits together. They barely mustered up two runs in the contest.

Tonight is a new night. Because of Monday's thriller, the A's have a chance to take the series with a win, and get a little payback on the team across the bay. The bullpen should be nice and rested, and it might be needed, depending on how Gonzalez' first appearance against the Giants works out.

The A's will be starting a lineup with Crosby, Davis, and Hannahan. Be careful what you wish for, I guess!


San Francisco Giants @ Oakland Athletics

06/24/09 7:05 PM PDT

San Francisco Giants Oakland Athletics
Aaron Rowand - CF Adam Kennedy - 2B
Andres Torres - LF Kurt Suzuki - C
Pablo Sandoval - DH Jack Cust - RF
Bengie Molina - C Matt Holliday - LF
Edgar Renteria - SS Jason Giambi - DH
Rich Aurilia - 1B Orlando Cabrera - SS
Juan Uribe - 3B Bobby Crosby - 1B
Nate Schierholtz - RF Rajai Davis - CF
Matt Downs - 2B Jack Hannahan - 3B