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Open Thread: Game 70 - A's vs. Giants

You're in for a treat tonight as the A's and Giants replay an awesome pitching match-up going back to Friday the 12th, where Vin Mazzaro and Tim Lincecum faced off in a battle between an already-established ace and an up-and-comer. Despite putting Lincecum on the ropes (four runners reached in three innings, including a runner getting thrown out at the plate), the A's failed to score in key situations, and would not score on the night. Mazzaro was solid as usual--save for the fifth inning, where he allowed the RBI single to Lincecum himself that ultimately won the game.

Tonight, Lincecum will not be batting; the DH rule is in effect, which also should allow a sore Jason Giambi to play for the A's. (And hey! Daric Barton sighting!) Expect tonight to play as a pitching duel; Mazzaro has been stingy with the runs in his first four starts in the league, and Lincecum is, well, Lincecum.

To win this game, the A's will have to play all out, and take advantage of even the slightest open door; something they didn't do the last time they faced the Giants' ace. I hope it's another big crowd; and I hope it's another good game! Despite still being seven games until .500, and playing with perhaps the worst offense in all of MLB, the A's are only 6.5 games off the pace. It would be interesting to see what could happen should they start to hit (Holliday, I'm looking at you!).


San Francisco Giants @ Oakland Athletics

06/23/09 7:05 PM PDT

San Francisco Giants Oakland Athletics
Aaron Rowand - CF Adam Kennedy - 2B
Andres Torres - LF Jack Cust - RF
Pablo Sandoval - 3B Matt Holliday - LF
Bengie Molina - C Jason Giambi - DH
Travis Ishikawa - 1B Kurt Suzuki - C
Randy Winn - DH Ryan Sweeney - CF
Edgar Renteria - SS Orlando Cabrera - SS
Nate Schierholtz - RF Daric Barton - 1B
Matt Downs - 2B Jack Hannahan - 3B