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"Last Call" For Jon Wilhite Recovery Fund, Note Of Thanks From Jon's Brother

As we wrap up the charity drive for Jon Wilhite, I wanted to share an email I received a couple days ago from Jon's brother, Michael. To everyone who has participated, and everyone who will, this email was to you:

Thank you so much for what you're doing for my brother, the amount of support, thoughts and prayers from people like you are a big part of his improvement. I have been speaking with Kurt and Renee and they had a lot of great things to say about AN so thanks for your support. 

During times like these it's always great to know there's people thinking about Jon and our family and being from a Baseball family it's amazing how big but yet how small and supportive the Baseball world is.  Thanks again Nico, from the Wilhite family, we really appreciate it!!!


I'm going to mail checks on Wednesday, so if you haven't sent one yet but plan to, and you want to be part of the main mailing, send it now and it will still get to me in time! You can donate through PayPal, if you prefer, to baseballgirl's account ( Also please note that we will continue to accept donations anytime, even after the main mailing is done and we have ceased and desisted with our harassment.

Finally, to update our progress as a community at last count we were at 50 total participants (!) and $1,682.00 raised (!) Thank you, AN, for coming through in the clutch.

You are welcome to use this as anything from an open thread to a coaster; see you at 7:00pm for the A's and Padres.