California Dreamin' - Games 1 & 2


We begin our journey in San Francisco, at the beautiful home of the San Francisco Giants for game one of the 8-games-in-9-days roadtrip down the state of California. Shockingly enough, this was my very first visit to Pac Bell for a game. I have a smidge of park envy.




As I'm sure we all know, the first game of the trip was awesome for seven innings, and then...well...


But the final game of the series HAS to be better...right? Here we are, going for game two. We look so full of hope.


It didn't take long for our reaction this time.


Okay, so the A's are 0-2 so far on this road trip, and now face off against the red-hot Dodgers in their home park. At least we will be with 35 other people, looking to root our green and gold to the first road trip victory!

Let's go Oak-land!

Stay tuned...