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Open Thread: Game 61 - A's at Giants

Congratulations, Josh Outman: You get to face Randy Johnson, not just as the opposing pitcher but also as an opposing hitter. The A's try to even up the first "Bay Bridge Series" tonight, after their offense didn't make it through the FastTrak lane yesterday.

Oakland enters play today batting a collective .238, a full .010 points lower than anyone else (right now "anyone else" happens to be the Kansas City Royals), and a full .030 points behind league leaders Toronto and (this hurts to say "out loud") the Angels. And the A's hitters haven't exactly been...robust...against LHP but hey, Johnson has a 5.14 ERA and anything can happen.

Today's "fun fact": The opposition is batting just .208 against Josh Outman so far this season with lefties batting only .125 (7/56). Hopefully, Winn, Burriss, and Sandoval will forget to bat right-handed.

This would have been a great time to have Nomar in the lineup but tonight he is, once again, merely "pinch-hitter extraordinaire"...


Oakland Athletics @ San Francisco Giants

06/13/09 7:05 PM PDT

Oakland Athletics San Francisco Giants
Orlando Cabrera - SS Aaron Rowand - CF
Adam Kennedy - 2B Edgar Renteria - SS
Jack Cust - RF Randy Winn - RF
Matt Holliday - LF Bengie Molina - C
Kurt Suzuki - C Pablo Sandoval - 1B
Bobby Crosby - 1B Juan Uribe - 3B
Rajai Davis - CF Andres Torres - LF
Jack Hannahan - 3B Emmanuel Burriss - 2B
Josh Outman - P Randy Johnson - P