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A Note Of Gratitude From Kurt & Renee Suzuki

As AN tries to raise money for the Jon Wilhite Recovery Fund, I got the nicest email from Kurt & Renee Suzuki and wanted to pass it along for all to see. Here's what the Suzukis sent along Tuesday evening:

To Tyler, Nico, Staff & Readers,

My wife and I want to express our deepest appreciation for the time and effort spent to help Jon Wilhite's cause and our fundraising events. We have noticed that many wonderful staff members of Athletics Nation, like Nico, have gone far and beyond their call of duty, taking it upon themselves to help raise funds for Jon Wilhite. These actions define your true and generous character that are impossible fake.

A few weeks ago, the Wilhite family stated my wife and I were their heroes. After experiencing the support we have received, we feel it is only necessary to extend that compliment to you. Without the help of Athletics Nation, it would have been impossibly to educate people about his miraculous story as well as our efforts towards assisting with medical expenses. You're our heroes, you do so much, but ask nothing in return. We sincerely thank you so very much.

Kurt & Renee Suzuki

I want to urge you, if you plan to participate but have not yet done so, to put it on your priority list - my hope is to send a batch of donations along next week (though we will continue to accept donations for as long as they come in). We are emphasizing participation; any amount is fully appreciated, and remember that the first $100.00 worth of $5.00, $10.00, and $20.00 donations will each be matched so that the donation doubles. Donations should be sent to:

Jon Wilhite Recovery Fund c/o
1152 Euclid Ave.
Berkeley, CA 94708

{check payable to: Jon Wilhite Recovery Fund}

This article, on Monday, had the following update from the arraignment of Andrew Gallo, the driver of the car that collided with the car in which Wilhite was riding:

While waiting for Gallo to appear, 24-year-old John Wilhite, the lone member of Adenhart's group to survive, began to sob. Wilhite, who had critical injuries in the wreck, was embraced by friends and family. Wilhite, of Manhattan Beach, was hospitalized for weeks for "internal decapitation," a rare and often fatal separation of the skull from the spinal column.

Wilhite, who played baseball from 2004-08 at Fullerton, has since been discharged from the hospital and is undergoing outpatient physical therapy.

He came to the arraignment in a wheelchair but was able to get up and enter the courtroom under his own power, albeit with an unsteady gait. His head was closely shaved and had a long scar at the base of the skull.

Thank you to those who have already sent donations in and thank you to those who will. It's for a good cause.