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Open Thread: The Week In Review - Feelings and Poetry

Since these comments have been recommended more than 30 times, I assume most of you have seen them, but I thought they deserved their own spot on the front page; because, you know, awesome.

How is everyone feeling today? How did yesterday's win make you feel? Would you like another one tonight? Describe your emotions ranging from Sunday night to Thursday afternoon. Use pictures, if neccessary.

From emperor nobody:



anger resentment rajai davis is the worst player in mlb depression despair tonight’s attendance looked like fifteen people hopelessness waves of grief sombrero del custo pain inertia bobby crosby is our best player blister blister agony giambi looks 69 years old and sounds like he is 199 flopping around on floor drowning in own tears holliday is a coors-only construct who presses harder with each popup please shoot me the rivercats could beat us oh wait this is the rivercats more thrashing around in terrible torturous unease owner hates oakland and would move team to a locker in the san jose caltrain terminal just to spite the city yet more twisting gnashing and general unhappiness oh well it must be may grabs fleece blanket sticks thumb in mouth falls asleep
by emperor nobody


in honor of pam, more thoughts

tired dead in the water bob geren is clinically dead and is only kept alive by a remote control device billy beane keeps in his honeymoon suite drives nails into eyes with a dull butter knife throw it to first first first crosby you are the worst rookie of the year ever to play any sport except badminton oh my god it’s bad news bears blanket night can i hang myself by it over the railing in front of the batter’s eye will that wake them up sigh moan weep if weak rollover grounders to second were 100 dollar bills this team could put every kid in oakland through college and two years of grad school roy orbison singing in my head cryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyying eric chavez pick up the red courtesy telephone please shoving lit bamboo shoots under fingernails can ben copeland play third will the mcgwire throwback jersey be sponsored by balco labs i think i am having non-nerve-damage related chest pains well there’s holliday’s homer for may dave bing just won detroit mayor so let’s put rickey in office before it’s too late and the a’s move gasps falls dies
by emperor nobody


 206 back row thoughts

shorter of breath and one day closer to dammit giese that was fast let’s see if you can get to 200 pitches by the 4th omigod the drunk guy to our left has been on diamond vision 4 times and it’s only the 3rd inning here comes stomper doing the macarena with the microphone lady and the descent into hell is complete wait did crosby just turn the double play error-free wow i gotta smoke pcp before games more often closing eyes and wishing for june is it me or does giambi’s bat speed resemble what you might expect from jason robards nostalgia for 2006 or at least 1996 we were all so young then and life seemed full of possibility and then cust kicked the ball maybe he is nostalgic for all those good times out in right field inning over again and again and again buries head in trembling hands you know your team has offensive issues when the fans are cheering for ball 3 like it’s a walkoff grand slam blank expression of regret and mordant sadness maybe we can just trade the whole team for the sharks instead of moving all the way to san jose can patrick marleau play second bangs empty head against hard wall hoping for a return to sanity or at least a merciful end to the agony young pitching i can live with but the way we hit reminds me of that elliott smith song where everybody dies well at least there is no line for the bathroom oh wait that’s the east side club groan of resignation that’s it i’m pulling the plug on the scoreboard it’s not like we are using it anyway come on zook you can do it when francisco throws it it looks as big as a chair arrrrrggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sound resembling the sound dwight howard makes in that video game ad when he pulls his hamstring that’s it ties last night’s blanket over railing & around neck climbs to top of mt davis and bellows it’s all for you matt holliday and jumps just like the maid in the omen except no sinister carmina burana soundtrack
by emperor nobody


 *rubs eyes in wonderment* happy thoughts?

we held the sluggos from fort worth to 7 in 2 games 4 without the zig meltdown in the 9th that is young pitching i can subscribe to sunny day happy place i admit it crosby’s plate approach and general offense have not been the issue compared to o-cab he’s tearing the cover off the ball hold hands sing songs of forgiveness and redemption we should all write in the custjacker for the hr derby cuz it’s on the ballot and if he’s in it methinks he wins it be a great feelgood story too dancing in the streets with total strangers to that ridiculous tower of power jam the oakland stroke boy letting kendall go sure was the right decision wasn’t it zooks is the best hitter on the team by far and really the best all around player we have if you think about both sides of the ball remixes improv jams we recorded the other night that sound great and make me even happier about life watches holliday hr replay likes swing thinks maybe it’ll all work out if we give him timeslack grin joy smiley smiles after all this we are all of four games out that’s right count em one two three four who wouldn’t take that with all that’s happened in six weeks of mayhem allows self moment of sincere & considered optimism about our chances at least in the al west or is it the al worst hope positive vibrations healing energy to our dl’d stars uh oh here come two more loaded first place teams keep hoping keep hoping keep hoping grind grind grind it out
by emperor nobody

The A's play the Blue Jays tonight at 7:05PM. Outman gets the start, as the A's try to win two in a row.