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Bedard Stifles A's for Six; A's Can't Complete Sweep

Calling all SoCal ANers! Tickets are now being collected for the A’s series against the Dodgers and the Padres on June 16 and June 20. Please come to one of the games if you can; we need 30 tickets sold for LA and 25 for San Diego. I would like to purchase these tickets ASAP!

It’s a bad sign when the bottom of your lineup includes Rajai Davis, Bobby Crosby, and Jack Hannahan, but it’s even worse when Jack Cust is a late scratch and is replaced by Ryan Sweeney against a very good lefty in Eric Bedard.

Not surprisingly, the A’s only offense of the afternoon was a solo homerun in the second. Surprisingly, it was by Bobby Crosby. They managed to eek out four more hits along the way, but were stifled by Bedard for 6.2 innings, and the Seattle bullpen for the rest of the game.

Trevor Cahill had a pretty good outing as he was handed another loss; allowing one early run in the second, and a two-run homerun by Branyan following an error by Kennedy in the sixth. Cahill would finish at six innings pitched, six hits, 2 ER, and again, a great ratio: one walk to five strikeouts. This is a good sign for his future.

Cahill left with the score at 3-1, but the Mariners would score a run off Ziegler after a leadoff triple in the seventh, and after Breslow struck out the side in the eighth, Springer would continue his streak of allowing base hits; giving up four more and two runs in the ninth. Sweeney would throw out a runner at the plate to keep the score at 6-1. It wouldn’t matter; the A’s just could not get the bat on the ball.

In other news, Rajai Davis looks about as awful at the plate as it is possible to look.

So the A’s take two out of three from Seattle, and enjoy a travel day tomorrow before gearing up for a marathon series in Texas this weekend. If they play well, they do have a shot of getting back into the AL West mix.

Join us for a lot of baseball on Friday, as the A’s and Texas play two; first game starts at 2:00 PM PST.