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Open Thread: Game 40 - A's vs. Diamondbacks

I'm always amazed at how fast a season goes by - the A's essentially hit the 1/4 mark today. So it's really not early anymore and the A's urgently need to win about 10 in a row, which is why 67MARQUEZ is locked in my trunk until the A's leave town. Can someone remind me to feed him around Monday? Eh, I'll probably remember.

Because Brett Anderson, Carlos Gonzalez, Aaron Cunningham, Dana Eveland, Greg Smith, and Chris Carter won't all fit, Danny Haren takes the mound tonight instead, facing his former team. Not to be outdone, Oakland sends former Diamondback Edgar Gonzalez to the hill for his A's debut, following 7 AAA starts in which Gonzalez logged a 5.22 ERA and surrendered 48 hits, plus 16 BBs, in 39.2 IP. Not to worry, though; you can throw out the minor league stats because Edgar Gonzalez has a major league track record. He has a career 5.97 ERA? Crap.

Today's "fun fact": Did you know that there are 90 minor league players right now named Gonzalez? Only two of them are currently pitching badly for us.


Arizona Diamondbacks @ Oakland Athletics

05/23/09 6:05 PM PDT

Arizona Diamondbacks Oakland Athletics
Felipe Lopez - 2B Orlando Cabrera - SS
Gerardo Parra - LF Kurt Suzuki - C
Justin Upton - RF Jack Cust - RF
Stephen Drew - SS Matt Holliday - LF
Mark Reynolds - 3B Jason Giambi - DH
Miguel Montero - C Nomar Garciaparra - 1B
Eric Byrnes - DH Adam Kennedy - 2B
Chad Tracy - 1B Ryan Sweeney - CF
Chris Young - CF Jack Hannahan - 3B