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Sweeney's Game Ending Catch Saves A's From Rays Comeback

This game recap could be summed up in three words:


And it was. Ryan Sweeney's amazing catch to end the game helped the A’s hold off the Rays' late inning comeback, and the A's take a wild one; 7-6. They almost looked like a baseball team out there!

The A’s got on the board early against a wild Kazmir, putting up solo runs in the first and second on a two-out single by Giambi and a two-out single by Suzuki, and two in the third, on a double by Kennedy and a sac fly by Crosby. They would knock Kazmir out in the fifth on a double by Cunningham and a single by Cabrera. They wouldn’t score again. But it would be enough (just barely).

All things considered, Brett Anderson had a great start, allowing two earned runs (but did give up a home run after an error by Kennedy for an additional two runs), but the most impressive stat was his five strikeouts against zero walks. He looked like the pitcher he was billed to be.  Anderson notched his first Major League win in the outing which has to feel good for the hyped prospect.

In bullpen news, Wuertz replaced Anderson in the seventh and gave up a run, the combination of Springer/Casilla gave up a run in the eighth; the inning when the Rays loaded the bases and Casilla uncorked a wild pitch, and it took a nice play from Hannahan (who came in at third for defense) to retire the Rays, leaving the tying run on third and the go-ahead on second. The drama continued in the ninth.

A seldom-seen Ziggy came in to close the game. He got the first out, but walked the next batter, and with two outs, the Rays made a bid to tie the game on a sure-double, but Sweeney came out of NOWHERE (I was sure it was dropping) to catch the ball and save the game.

GREAT WIN. GREAT ENDING. Go get the video clip!

In things to ponder, how in the world has no one taught Rajai Davis how to be a professional bunter by the time he has gotten to this stage? It is mind-boggling that someone as fast as he is cannot lay down a simple bunt for a base hit when the defense is practically begging him to.

The A's and Rays are back at it tomorrow for the day game; Braden vs. Garza. Let's take this series.