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Random Thoughts (To Avoid Talking About The Game)

They lost 13-4, what more do you want? Now on to some random questions:

* In evaluating the talent Oakland intends to build around, from Sean Gallagher and Gio Gonzalez, to Travis Buck, Ryan Sweeney, and Daric Barton, have the A's:

a. made great assessments and gotten very unlucky?
b. made poor assessments that are explained by ___ failure to evaluate young talent?
c. gotten it right, as will be proven not now but soon?

* Why do hitters take batting practice against 70MPH fastballs, when hitting is so much about timing and 70MPH fastballs are not what they will be seeing in the game? Why wouldn't it be more helpful to have BP pitchers stand closer and throw 90MPH fastballs?

* If the A's decided, today, to trade for a "major league ready" young 3Bman - say a Chase Headley or an Ian Stewart - and the two players not for consideration were Cahill and Anderson, what do you think it would reasonably take to get them in return, and would it be worth it?

* Can the Rangers hang in there all season and make a real run at this weak AL West, and will the Blue Jays hang in there all season and make a real run at the AL East? Or are they placeholders for the Angels and "AL East Big Three" that were supposed to be there in the end?

Chat away - it's more fun than thinking about the last four games!