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Open Thread Friday: Here's Hoping for a Turnaround

For those of you who missed Sweeney's incredible catch last night, absolutely robbing Kinsler of a homerun that would have given Texas the lead in yesterday's game, it can be seen here.

Some fun quotes from the players:

Matt Holliday said it was sick. Bobby Crosby said he was shocked. Dallas Braden said it was phenomenal.

And from the media:

Some media members in the Rangers Ballpark press box were calling it the most pivotal, best catch they've seen in Arlington since the ballpark opened in 1994.

It's nice to see something, anything, going the A's way these days; after an absolutely brutal stretch of injuries has decimated the A's starting lineup this week. Maybe the catch will prove to be the catalyst as the A's limp into Seattle tonight to take on the first-place Mariners; the 3.5 games separating the first and last place teams largely due to a Mariners sweep early in the year. The A's will be looking for some payback.

They will also be looking to see more of this from Matt Holliday, who waited until the very last day of April to hit his very first A's homerun.

(Edited because out-of-town baseballgirl didn't realize there was already a diary!)

As for the game news, tonight's game will feature Dana Eveland; coming off what was his best start of the season on Sunday. He will be opposed by RHP Carlos Silva. Jason Giambi is probable for tonight's game (at DH, I would guess); no word yet on Eric Chavez (who likely will be heading to the DL). 

Game time at 7:05PM, game thread will be opened when lineups are announced.