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A's Beat Angels Again: The Celebration Continues

Yep, I've been kind of amped tonight so I can't sleep.  I saw that there was about 300 comments in the fantastic baseballgirl recap so I figured ANers might want another thread to continue to celebrate. 

Oh and in case you guys didn't realize, AN has box scores now from games.  Here is last night's.

My take on the game is simple.  The A's have good enough offensive players now that they should have more opportunities to execute comebacks like this much more so than in the past couple of years.  Beane has done something special with this team by building some depth and giving them some options.  Now the A's probably don't win this game if Chone Figgins doesn't try and get an out at home instead of just going to first base, but the good news is that the A's have the bats to take advantage of a mistake like that now.  The ABs of Nomar and Giambi were fantastic.

Still nothing feels better than beating the Angels.  And I hope the A's can take advantage of the situation with Fuentes before the Halos turn to Arredondo as their closer.  Fuentes is good, but he should probably be a more situational kind of pitcher.

Still, I leave you with the above beautiful image that I will enjoy all day today leading up to Brett Anderson's major league debut.