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SoCal AN Day - First of Many


Judging by the record amount of comments in last night's game thread, most of AN watched the game, so you know it was great! (And obviously AN didn't miss the 80+ people that were with us last night at Angels' Stadium!)

This game was fun, if not a wee bit stressful, as young Cahill made his major league debut in front of a sold-out crowd in Southern California.

I was at the game Monday night as well, and I obviously was wearing the wrong shirt; so I called up a little mojo from up north, and last night wore the shirt I literally stole off a random fan's back during a Coliseum visit. (That random fan turned out to be Wes7, whom I met years later!)


(I will let other ANers label themselves in this thread).

This picture was right about when we learned that Holliday would not be starting the game, and we wondered if we could muster up more than three hits, and actually score a run. Three innings into the game, we were still wondering. 

Before the game, I wanted to find Cahill and show him my patented K-Hill cheer, but it looks like he already knows it! Give me a "K"!


Game tonight 7:05 in Anaheim, click read more to continue...


Here is a shot of K-Hill on the mound. As you know, he never looked overly comfortable out there, but he does get points for holding the Angels to single runs, and avoiding the big innings.

The game was going along swimmingly, if not a little stressful, when this happened:


Yeah. He was heckled.

But somehow the A's made it to the ninth inning with a lead, even after this:



The Angels didn't stand a chance against our closer, and the nasty stuff he showed during his last two batters:



And now...what you've been waiting for. Let's meet some SoCal AN fans!

(These are pictures from the first group; note to self: when planning an event in the future, it is good to be able to a) know where your other group is by not leaving the seat map at home and b) have a game that you can actually travel around the stadium without worrying that your starting pitcher will give up four runs at any time, so you can't take your eyes off him for an instant!)