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The One Where We Petition The League For The Mercy Rule

Okay. That’s it.

I have tried everything else; I’m going to have to go up there myself. I have booked a flight and will be leaving at 9am tomorrow. Really! (Oh and there is a um…spontaneous BBQ on Sunday. You should come!)

First of all, the good news is that Travis Buck is in fact alive, striking out as a pinch hitter to end the evening. Pretty much, the game sucked. Cahill got lit, the A’s left runners on early, and then they didn’t get any runners on base. Holliday looks like he just doesn’t care; a rare event for someone playing in a contract year. Chavez can catch, but he can’t throw to first. The A's would lose, and lose big. his first at-bat with the A's this season since his call-up today, opening the eighth inning, Jack Hannahan smashed a homerun to right, marking the beginning of a too little, too late eighth inning rally for the A's.

I’ll leave you a discussion question for the rest of your night:

You have been told that Eric Chavez can’t play a day game after a night game. You have a night game tonight and a day game tomorrow. There is a lefty on the mound tonight and a righty tomorrow. If you could only play Chavez one game out of two, which game would you choose?

Explain your position and show your work.