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Open Thread: Game 14 - A's at Yankees

After what can only be described as an abysmal week of A's baseball, we're starting over. This super-happy-fun game thread is going do its best to lead the A's to a win. While it's still too early to call for 'must-win's', the A's badly need a win today to start to right the ship as they head home for a series against the Rays.

Brett Anderson takes the mound for the A's today; owner of a tough 0-2 record after pitching brilliantly his last time out. Unfortunately, he ran into the buzz-saw that was Tim Wakefield. He's back at it today, looking to improve on his five hit performance of last week.

Sadly, it doesn't get any easier for the A's offense, as they face yet another lefty--and a good one; CC Sabathia. If there is any good news; the A's did get to Sabathia twice last year early in the season, but that was then and this is now. We can only hope that the bats finally show up in today's game.

Geren has heard the pleas of Athletics Nation in one arena; Chavez is sitting this one out in favor of Bobby Crosby, and Rajai Davis is nowhere to be found, but Buck is missing again, and the 1/2 is still Sweeney and Cabrera. Landon Powell will be taking over first base duties, and Giambi is the DH.

Can we PLEASE see some offense?


Oakland Athletics @ New York Yankees

04/22/09 10:05 AM PDT

Oakland Athletics New York Yankees
Ryan Sweeney - CF Derek Jeter - SS
Orlando Cabrera - SS Johnny Damon - LF
Jason Giambi - DH Mark Teixeira - 1B
Matt Holliday - LF Jorge Posada - C
Jack Cust - RF Robinson Cano - 2B
Kurt Suzuki - C Nick Swisher - RF
Mark Ellis - 2B Hideki Matsui - DH
Landon Powell - 1B Melky Cabrera - CF
Bobby Crosby - 3B Cody Ransom - 3B