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Open Thread: Game 11 - A's at Toronto

An interesting trend has emerged in the first 10 games: A striking number of wins and losses have been ones that could so easily have gone the other way. No a lot of "ho hum, their guy was better" 7-2 deals, but instead last night the A's won their third "losable game" (the others being games started by Adenhart and Matsusaka) to help offset frustrating losses in "winable games" against Seattle.

Trevor Cahill, fresh off a no-hit bid in which he lost the no-hitter, the shutout, and the game in the 7th inning, makes his third career start today, opposed by lefty Brian Tallet, best known for not being known. Tallet's career numbers are actually quite decent: 216 IP, 188 hits, and a 3.58 ERA. However, of his 156 major league appearances only 6 have been starts and Tallet is slated to throw no more than 70 pitches.

Meanwhile, at least our rotation isn't currently Saunders, Weaver, Loux, Oliver, and "Good Lord, we still need another one???"


Oakland Athletics @ Toronto Blue Jays

04/18/09 10:07 AM PDT

Oakland Athletics Toronto Blue Jays
Ryan Sweeney - RF Marco Scutaro - SS
Orlando Cabrera - SS Aaron Hill - 2B
Jason Giambi - 1B Alex Rios - CF
Matt Holliday - LF Vernon Wells - DH
Jack Cust - DH Adam Lind - LF
Kurt Suzuki - C Jose Bautista - 3B
Mark Ellis - 2B Lyle Overbay - 1B
Bobby Crosby - 3B Rod Barajas - C
Rajai Davis - CF Travis Snider - RF