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Honoring Jackie Robinson


Image and article from today

When players and fans gather at 15 Major League ballparks today, with every uniform on the field bearing the same No. 42 and ceremonies at new Citi Field leading the annual celebration of one of America's true heroes, the message will be said without a word:

All of our lives have been touched by Jackie Robinson.

Sixty-two years ago, Jackie Robinson crossed the color barrier and changed baseball  forever. There may be only one of us on AN who remembers the actual moment, but the rest of us just live with the legacy. I can't remember a time when I didn't know this story; this man, and how baseball changed at that moment, for good.

Much has been written about this event, and baseball is going to celebrate in style today; highlighted with the Mets' official opening of Citi Field, and continuing at ballparks around the country.

This cannot be celebrated enough, and I hope this generation passes Jackie's legacy on to the next generation of baseball fans.

Thoughts? Stories?

The A's try for the sweep against Boston today at 12:30pm. There will be game threads avaliable for your posting pleasure.