CHEZ NICO - SATURDAY MAY 2ND, 4pm-9pm: Time To Sign Up!

The A's are in Seattle for a 6:10pm game on Saturday, May 2nd, a day that has Chez Nico: BYODA written all over it! BYODA stands for "Bring Your Own Dead Animal," as we will enjoy a pre-game barbecue, in the backyard of my North Berkeley home, around 4pm before adjourning to the living room to watch the game at 6:10pm.

For those not familiar with Chez Nico: BYODA events, the following officially qualify as dead animals: Beef, Pork, Rat, Tofu, Soy, Ostrich, Emu, Fish, Shrimp, Chicken, Squid, Polenta, Pretty Much Anything Else. Le Host can provide plates, utensils, and non-alcoholic beverages, with les guests bringing any alcoholic beverages they wish to imbibe. (The security check involves a fair amount of inappropriate fondling, but not the confiscation of any bottles or cans.)

My living room space can probably accommodate 15 comfortably, 20 uncomfortably, and 25 "gropy-molesty style," so I'm hoping for 30. All seriousness aside, though, if too many were to sign up I would need to cap it at around 20-25, going from the folks I know best and working backwards from there. So here's the deal...

To sign up (even if you have told me already that you plan to attend!!!), please send me an email ( no later than Saturday (April 18th) with "Chez Nico," and your user name, included in the subject line (this will make it easier for me to find specific emails later if I need to get back to you on something). In the body of the email, please make it clear whether you are signing up for the BBQ, the game, or both so that I can keep track of numbers!

I will then reply to confirm that you are on the list, with my address, and any other information you need to know, included in the email. (Or if necessary, I will reply to let you know if we are "sold out" and I can't include you on the list at the moment.)

Chez Nico is in da house! Literally. Just make sure to email if you want to be part of the magic. (Note: Please recommend this post so it stays up for a few days - thanks!)