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Open Thread: Spring Training Game 32 - Cubs at A's

In case you missed it, Joey Devine will start the season on the DL, with no timetable for his return. Closer duty will go to Brad Ziegler, with Santiago Casilla and possibly Russ Springer available as backups.

The A’s play their last game of Spring Training today at Phoenix Muni against the Cubs and Carlos Zambrano. The A’s will send Dallas Braden to the mound in what would be his last start before Opening Day on Monday. Braden could go a long way in easing the fears of A’s fans about the starting rotation should he turn in a quality start.


GameDay Link


Chicago Cubs

Soriano, LF
Miles, 2B
Lee, 1B
Bradley, RF
Ramirez, A, 3B
Johnson, R, CF
Soto, C
Theriot, SS
Zambrano, C, P

Your almost-2009 Oakland Athletics!

Sweeney, R, CF
Cabrera, SS
Giambi, 1B
Holliday, LF
Chavez, 3B
Cust, DH
Suzuki, C
Buck, RF
Ellis, 2B

Let's go Oak-land!