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Odds, Ends, And Sundries (Various Has The Day Off)

So as you know, AN is undergoing some minor changes, e.g., for simplicity, we'll soon all be going to user names of "goatlover1" - "goatlover6000" and Cindi's weekly Monday Manicures feature will be debuting on Thursday, before moving to its permanent slot on Wednesdays. OK, technically these two things are only in the "idea stage" at the moment. However...

But Seriously, Folks...

With twins (baby ones, not Minnesota ones) having stolen away a lot of louismg's attention, and with goodbyeness having taken Monkeyball away before he could randomly happen to write 1/10,000 of a Shakespeare play, AN is adding another available "super-sub" (writer, not sandwich) to the front-page mix. His name is Flashfire (but he goes by "Flashfire"), and he'll be filling in for me handling tomorrow's game thread and recap. I hope you'll all welcome him with the same indifference and sarcasm you would normally afford me.

Announcing the first Chez Nico of 2009!!!

I just want to let folks know that Chez Nico is back this year, Saturday, May 2nd, at my home in Berkeley, and this one is a BYODA. BYODA stands for Bring Your Own Dead Animal (which includes wild tofu, free range veggie burger, and factory farmed soy), so that we can hang out and enjoy an early barbecue dinner before we watch the game (6:10pm at Seattle). Poochini will be there, either joining for the barbecue (if he's dead) or the game (if he's alive).



More details and RSVPs to follow for those who can, and wish to, attend. I just want to put the date out there early, so people can mark their calendars if they are so inclined.