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Boring Headline Dooms A's To 6-4 Loss To Cubs

First of all, having not been able to see, hear, or follow this particular game, forgive me if the wrap up is a bit cursory today - I will be back with a more in-depth piece later this afternoon. But here's what I gather...

In a tale of two games, the A's fell behind 6-0 after 4 innings, as Sean Gallagher served up a leadoff HR to Alfonso Soriano to start the game and Kevin Cameron was touched for two runs in the 3rd, Jerry Blevins rocked for three more in the 4th. Gallagher was touched for just the one run in his 2 IP of work, but allowed 3 hits and a BB along the way.

Oakland got up off the deck, courtesy of a Rajai Davis two-run single in the 5th and made a game of it with a couple more in the 7th. Eight Athletics had one hit a piece for Oakland.

The positives in the game's second half included strong two-inning efforts by young lefties Brett Anderson (1 BB, no other damage) and Gio Gonzalez (2 perfect innings with 2 Ks). Make no mistake that with Justin Duchscherer's immediate future much in doubt, opportunity is knocking harder and harder on the doors that house Anderson, Gio, Mazzaro, Cahill et al.

I'll see you in a couple hours to discuss some possible implications the imminent additions of Orlando Cabrera and Nomar Garciaparra might have.