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Open Thread: Spring Training Game 6 - A's at Cubs

Sean Gallagher faces his former team today, but that's hardly the big news. The A's await the arrival, Thursday, of new shortstop Orlando Cabrera, whose main attributes are:

1. Still playing a solid defensive SS at age 34
2. Not being Crosby

My take on Cabrera as a hitter? I think it's fair to say that every hitter with a .750 OPS is better than every hitter with a .700 OPS, but I don't think it's fair to say that all hitters with a .700 OPS are alike.

What I like about Cabrera is that while turning in a "meh" OPS, he will do it in a way that is "batting average heavy," and he will provide the A's with a good "small ball" player where they need one: the bottom of the order. Cabrera's ability to steal bases, to bunt, and to make contact, will make him a solid #9 (and "double-leadoff") hitter that can help the A's "steal a run" now and then at the bottom of the order, while the A's emphasize reaching base, and driving the ball, in the Cust-Giambi-Holliday-Chavez portion of the order (which I personally hope is the 2-5 spots).

I don't think Cabrera represents a major upgrade, but I also think he makes the A's better than they were yesterday, and in a division as likely to go down to the wire as not, there really are no small upgrades at this point.

My "day job" will prevent me from posting the lineups, so perhaps some kind soul can do the honors when the lineups are availble. Thanks!