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Open Thread; Spring Training Game 27: Padres at A's

If you were looking for an afternoon game on AN, you didn't miss it, and we didn't ignore it; the game is tonight and it's a doozy. It looks like Trevor Cahill (or K-Hill, if you prefer) will be making the start that could seal his bid for a starting job during the indeterminable Duchscherer absence. He will be matched up against the fresh-off-the-WBC-tour Jake Peavy of the San Diego Padres.

In a perfect world, it would make sense to give Cahill some AAA time; both to work on his inconsistent (at times) delivery, to hold off on starting his arbitration clock and just to give him some plain old experience, but the way it is looking, the A's need him now. You can imagine that A's management will be watching very closely tonight. It would certainly be a boost to the starting rotation, and the team, if Cahill could continue to improve on the job.

In other baseball news, it looks like Duchscherer isn't the only ace out of the Opening Day Rotation, as the Angels have deemed Lackey "definitely unlikely" to be the Opening Day starter.

The A's have a new addition from the Blue Jays; catcher Curtis Thigpen is now on the A's.

San Diego
Gerut, CF
Eckstein, 2B
Giles, RF
Gonzalez, A,
Headley, LF
Hairston, S, DH
Blanco, H, C
Rodriguez, L, SS

Sweeney, R, CF
Cabrera, SS
Giambi, 1B
Holliday, LF
Chavez, 3B
Cust, DH
Suzuki, C
Buck, RF
Ellis, 2B

Gameday Link

Let's Go Oakland!