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Open Thread: Spring Training Game 25 - A's at Royals

Sorry, folks, I thought this was a 7:00pm start but the game is already underway. Josh Outman gets the start - hmm...still in the running for a spot in the rotation? - against Zack Greinke. Crosby gets the start at 2B as the A's try to snap a six-game losing streak.

The lineups:

Buck - RF
Garciaparra - 3B
Giambi - 1B
Holliday - LF
Sweeney - CF
Suzuki - C
Barton - DH
Crosby - 2B
Pennington - SS

Crisp - CF
Gordon - 3B
Aviles - SS
Guillen - RF
Jacobs - DH
Olivo - C
Gload - 1B
Callaspo - 2B
Bloomquist - LF