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Open Thread: Spring Training Game 23 - A's (SS) at Giants

So as Susan Slusser reports (welcome back, Sluss!), Gio's shoulder has been ailing and he hasn't pitched or thrown for over a week, Anderson's forearm was tight so he only went 2 innings yesterday, Braden had an emergency root canal and won't pitch until tomorrow...

Welcome to another edition of "Last Man Standing," as 247 eager contestants vie for the privilege of being one of 5 people actually healthy enough to pitch sometime between April 6th-April 10th! (For Season II, they'll be taping the hunt for the April 11th-April 15th turn separately in Burbank later this month.) Contestants are strongly encouraged to dress up as a chicken to improve their odds of being considered; it's also just a nice look in the Spring.

In today's split squad game against the Giants, Trevor Cahill gets the start for Oakland. Cahill's "bumps in the road" have been limited to one bad inning, a 4-run 2nd against the Dodgers in his last start where he lost command of his sinker and also left a couple breaking pitches up in the strike zone. Especially given the ill health around him, a strong "rebound" start today could keep Cahill in the running for a spot in the rotation. Jerome Williams, already sent to the minors earlier this week, has been called back to fill in for Braden in the other split squad game vs. Seattle.

The A's lineup vs. the Giants:

Garciaparra - 3B
Suzuki - C
Giambi - 1B
Holliday - LF
Cunningham - RF
Crosby - DH (what the heck does the "H" stand for???)
Denorfia - CF
Petit - SS
Wimberley - 2B

You have to love the middle infield!