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Open Thread: Spring Training Game 22 - A's at Indians

In homage to the Buan-casts over the early season, I have a picture for AN!


And so no one feels left out:

Lefty Brett Anderson, who has continued to impress in his bid for a starting job,  takes the mound for the A's today against the Indians. Anderson's Spring ERA is a nifty 1.86 in his four starts as he looks to continue the trend today. Michael Wuertz is also scheduled to pitch, and your lineups look like this:


Carroll, 3B
Cabrera, 2B
Hafner, DH
Martinez, C
Garko, LF
Barfield, CF
Crowe, RF
Marte, 1B
Valdez, SS


Davis, CF
Cust, RF
Garciaparra, 3B
Giambi, DH
Powell, C
Barton, 1B
Crosby, SS
Cunningham, LF
Pennington, 2B


Let's go A's!