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Another Spring Training Report - New Dodgers/White Sox Field

Like a good percentage of Athletics Nation, I was at Spring Training last weekend, during the A’s winning streak. There was some exciting baseball played; and granted, after last year’s offensive season (both meanings work), it was nice to see some homeruns (Welcome back, Giambi!), but mostly the runs. Lovely, glorious runs, all scored in a variety of ways.

I was at Phoenix Municipal Stadium on Saturday and Monday, where the A’s beat the Giants and the Dodgers respectively, but I also had the chance to check out the Rangers/Royals stadium in Surprise on Friday (amazing), and the Dodgers/White Sox Complex on Sunday (almost too perfect to be true).

Pictures simply don’t do the brand-new complex justice. Unlike the other parks, where you park and walk up to a stadium; going to this ballpark is an experience--and depending on where you park--quite a hike. The parking lot is a nicely-combed dirt lot, but as soon as you step through the gates, you enter a very surreal desert paradise.


Sandwiched in-between at least 10 additional ball fields, there are the lovely landscaped dirt paths, lined with lush, green grass, and sparkling blue water in creative ponds, waterfalls, under bridges, you name it.


People were marveling at the landscape through the entire walk to the stadium--all the way up to the front gates. Once inside the park, more of the design is revealed, working around rock/stone.


On the way from the entrance to the field itself, there is also a margarita bar, and seats where you can view the game from the bar, or the lawn.


When you turn the corner, and see the stadium in all its glory, it's an amazing sight. I don't know quite what to call the architectural design of the lodge, but it is gorgeous.


And we also got the one picture of this elusive Spring Training event:


A quick shot of the Rangers/Royals:


And some familiar faces...



Stay tuned for the A's vs. Indians game today.