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Open Thread: Spring Training Game 21 - A's at Rangers

The A's only face the Rangers once in the Cactus League and - Surprise - it's today. The A's still have plenty of questions to sort out, from whether Gio Gonzalez will start or relieve and on what stretch of I-80 he'll be found, whether or where Edgar Gonzalez fits into Oakland's plans, and who will serve as backup infielder along with Nomar. And then of course there are the fates of Anderson, Cahill, and Mazzaro.

Edgar Gonzalez is the scheduled starting pitcher today against Texas, and we're getting just late enough into Spring Training that this outing could have real bearing on Edgar's chances of making the rotation and/or the team.

Oakland enters play today riding a four-game winning streak and a recent surge of offense, put together without help from Matt Holliday ("non baseball related illness") or Eric Chavez ("crazy glue still drying"). While the A's officially had a day off Wednesday, Dana Eveland did pitch in a minor league game yesterday and did not fare especially well, touched for 7 hits and 6 runs in 5 innings.