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Open Thread: Spring Training Game 20 - A's vs. Diamondbacks

The longest Spring Training in Oakland A's history continues today at Phoenix Muni where, strangely enough, I was at less than 24 hours ago.  Not sure if this means anything whatsoever, but I have seen the A's play six Cactus League games in my life (the first three in 2004, the last three this past weekend/Monday), and they've won them all.  Then again, the A's have found their Arizona home site quite comfy this year with or without yours truly, posting an 8-1 record at the 8,775-seat facility.

Bob Geren's ballclub takes on the Arizona Diamondacks for the third and last time this spring, sending Sean Gallagher to the mound.  Gallagher hopes to improve on his last outing on March 10, when the Colorado Rockies lit him up for five runs in 2/3 IP.  Max Scherzer gets the call for Arizona.

It's a green kind of day, and believe it or not, 67MARQUEZ actually has a little Irish in him. Hmm, let me rephrase that.

On that note, on to the lineups:


Frey, CF
Wilson, SS
Upton, DH
Whitesell, 1B
Reynolds, 3B
Roberson, RF
Hankerd LF, 1B
Hester, C
Skelton, 2B


Garciaparra, 3B
Cabrera, SS
Sweeney, CF
Cust, RF
Ellis, DH
Suzuki, C
Cunnigham, LF
Hannahan, 1B
Petit, SS

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