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Open Thread - WBC: Puerto Rico vs. United States

Pool 2's second game in Miami begins at 5 PM Pacific on MLB Network.

Earlier today, Venezuela's powerful offense only managed a trio of hits against the pitching of the Netherlands, but two of them were good for solo homers off the bats of Miguel Cabrera and Jose Lopez. It was enough to carry Venezuela to a 3-1 victory over a Netherlands team that continues to struggle at the plate. In spite of a pitch count that is now 85 for this round, Carlos Silva needed just 79 in seven strong innings. Sidney Ponson, looking for a spot on someone's roster for 2009, certainly helped his cause with five solid innings of his own.

In half an hour, the United States faces Puerto Rico. It will be Jake Peavy against Javier Vazquez on the mound. Dustin Pedroia was scratched from the lineup with a strained left oblique, said to have happened yesterday in the batting cage. This is sure to rekindle the usual debates over injuries in a tournament like this (though there's no guarantee an injury like that wouldn't happen while with his own team).  Mark DeRosa will start in his place at second and should be all right as long as he pretends Puerto Rico pitchers are wearing A's jerseys instead (7 HR, .563 SLG, .938 OPS in 26 career games vs. Oakland). Chipper Jones returns to the lineup for the United States, who will be the visitor for this game.

The Americans had a chance to go undefeated in Toronto before dropping their last game against Venezuela. Puerto Rico won their pool. The loser of this game will face the Netherlands tomorrow while the winner waits to play Venezuela on Monday.

Lineups follow.

United States                                               Puerto Rico

Victorino - CF                                               Feliciano - LF

Jeter - SS                                                      R. Vazquez - 3B

C. Jones - DH                                              Beltran - CF

Youkilis - 1B                                                 Delgado - 1B

Wright - 3B                                                    Rios - RF

Dunn - RF                                                     I. Rodriguez - C

Braun - LF                                                    Soto - DH

McCann - C                                                  F. Lopez - 2B

DeRosa - 2B                                                M. Aviles - SS