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Open Thread: Spring Training Game 16 - A's at Indians

baseballgirl: Hey, anyone want to take over Friday's thread for me?
67M: I'll do it.

{What was I thinking?? So much to do, so little time...}

Oh well.

The A's are in Goodyear, Arizona today to take on the Indians. For you word play aficionados, I can only imagine your giddiness over Dana Eveland starting for Oakland. (Eveland takes on Cleveland?  No?  Nobody?  Whatever.)

To the lineups:


Suzuki, C
Sweeney, CF
Ellis, DH
Cust, RF
Denorfia, LF
Crosby, 3B
Doolittle, 1B
Hannahan, 2B
Petit, SS


Sizemore, CF
Hafner, DH
Martinez, 1B
Garko, RF
Shopparch, C
Dellucci, LF
Barfield, 2B
Valbuena, SS