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Open Thread: Spring Training Game 2 - A's vs. Angels

I want to thank the person who decided that I get to follow baseballgirl in the rotation.  Oh, that was me.  Never mind.  Outstanding work as always, bbg.  Just hoping to keep pace.

Yesterday's triple-threading aside, Spring Training baseball, for some, is as exciting as watching sausage cook.  Bad analogy?  Blame my accountant.  He sprung that one on me last week, when trying to describe the thrill of bank statement reconciliation.  Whatever, I happen to enjoy watching pork sizzle.

But I digress.

Ok, so maybe the thought of exhibition contests doesn't quite get your heart racing like, say, returning to the office after lunch to find "just because" orchids on your desk.  But even if you weren't among the baseball-starved partisans yesterday going ga-ga over the power of BoCro and Buck, I have something today that might pique your interest: 

A's versus Angels. 

Never mind that it's not for keeps, there's just something about the guys in the red caps with the "A" and halo on the front that should make any A's fan pretend they are working on a Thursday afternoon, deadline be damned.  What else are you going to do?  IM that cute girl all day?

So here we are.  A's and Angels; so what if it's February?  Does that make Mike Scioscia any less smug?  Does it suddenly make John Lackey easy on the eyes?  Does it hide the fact that these two teams have played tug-of-war with the division crown for most of this decade (four titles apiece)?  Does it matter that K-Rod has taken his finger-pointing antics to the other coast?

Didn't think so.


I get the strange feeling that these two teams aren't on each other's Christmas card lists.

So yeah, let's take these games for what they are; get everyone in shape, take a look at the youngsters, or get a nice tan if you are so fortunate to be out in the desert now or anytime soon.  But let's not forget that it's still the Angels sharing the scoreboard with the Home Nine today, and it would be oh-so nice to grab a "W" before we return to our regularly scheduled lives.

Yes, even in February.

Taking the hill for your Athletics is Boston-born Sean Gallagher, whose two victories for Oakland last season came at the expense of LAA. Acquired from the Cubs in the Rich Harden trade, the right-hander shut down the Angels in his A's debut, and in fourteen innings against his team's fiercest rivals, allowed only three runs on six hits, while walking three and striking out thirteen.  That alone should endear him to the natives.


Sean Gallagher twice stifled the Angels during the 2008 season.

First pitch somewhere around 12:05, just as I am diving into last night's leftovers.  Yeah.

Go A's!