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Open Thread: Spring Training Game 1 - A's vs. Brewers

And so it begins...

(insert excited dance/scream/expression here)

Josh Outman and Gio Gonzalez are each slated to work a couple of innings today, as the battle for the 5th starter job kicks off against the Brewers at 12:05.

Outman made his MLB debut in September of last season, and is considered a top contender for either a place in the bullpen or the very much up-for-grabs fifth starter job.

As we all tried to forget during the off-season, Gio Gonzalez also pitched in the big leagues last year. He faces an uphill battle as he will no doubt use the Spring games to prove he belongs on the Major League roster.

Rumor has it that Jason Giambi will be starting the game at first base. Welcome back, Jason!

Welcome back, baseball!

What are you most looking forward to this year? How excited are you that baseball is back? What is Spring Training going to show us? What is the starting team going to look like in April...and September?


Buck, RF
Sweeney, CF
Holliday, LF
Giambi, 1B
Suzuki, C
Crosby, SS
Hannahan, 3B
Patterson, 2B
Outman, P


Weeks, 2B
Hardy, SS
Braun, LF
Fielder, 1B
Hart, RF
Cameron, CF
McGehee, 3B
Kendall, C
Suppan, P

Gameday link here (thanks, HigherPie!)